494 Alan Martienssen Zebedee in New Zealand
link Magazine Issue 68 June 2015 Page: 29
370 Various New Zealand Tall Stories
link Magazine Issue 70 February 2016 Page: 51
292 Roger Scott New Zealand Winter Junket
link Magazine Issue 75 October 2017 Page: 59
258 Alan Martienssen New Zealand Tall Ships 2018
link Magazine Issue 77 June 2018 Page: 42
188 Annie Hill New Zealand Winter Junket
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183 Editor New Zealand Tall Ships 2020 - Photos
link Magazine Issue 82 February 2020 Page: 62
154 Shirley Carter Onward to New Zealand
link Magazine Issue 83 June 2020 Page: 4
721 FU T' IEN cruising around New Zealand
link Newsletter Issue 17 May 1988
800 WYLO II Junk ketch on a steel hull launched in New Zealand and details of the hinged battens.
link Newsletter Issue 26 Winter 1992
907 Cruising reports from Europe and New Zealand.
link Newsletter Issue 37 November 2000
108 David Tyler Tystie, Tonga to New Zealand
1111 Annie Hill Not the Tall Ships
Regatta Junket Report from Russell New Zealand
link Magazine Issue 88 March 2022 Page: 43
1141 Annie Hill Pottering in the Bay of Islands
Cruising and living onboard in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands
link Page: 3
1257 Graeme Kenyon Freebie sails home
A small junk rig boat sailing in New Zealand with two Thompson made sails, on the way home from a junket
1258 Graeme Kenyon Launch of FanShi
YouTube video of the launch of Annie Hill’s David Tyler Siblim design schooner and the junket that was held to mark the event in New Zealand
1263 Leszek Wolnik JRA member creates art during lockdown
YouTube video of Leszek Wolnik’s wooden junk rig tableau artwork based on his voyage to Svalbard during his enforced Covid lockdown in New Zealand
1278 Gordon Gregg A Southern Thanksgiving Cruise
A cruise in New Zealand, including the boats and people encountered. Pardey, Haig, Shoestring, Ms Murphy, Footprints, and more
link Page: 27
1281 Various JRA members and friends Russell Tall Ships - Photos from the Boats
Photos from the junket taking place in conjunction with a major New Zealand boating festival
link Page: 41
1287 JRA, @sailingpivo, Peter de Graaf New Zealand Junk Rig boats
YouTube video: Junk Rig boats at Russell Tall Ships race including Arcadian, Zebedee, Shoestring, Hihi, FanShi
1326 Annie Hill Enduring Cyclone Gabrielle
Sitting out a strorm in Weiti River, New Zealand, anchor and other issues
link Page: 25
1341 Various Russell Tall Ships 2024 in Pictures
Junket Images from New Zealand provided by Peter deGraaf, Gordon Gregg, Renate Christ, Annie Hill
link Page: 24