29 Paul Fay Making a cambered panel Junk Sail Work
Notes on how to make cambered panels work for long distance cruising boats
549 Paul Fay Making a Cambered Panel Junk Sail Work
link Magazine Issue 60 October 2012 Page: 34
348 Peter Johnson Working with Epoxy
link Magazine Issue 71 June 2016 Page: 30
649 How the Swing-Wing Rig works.
link Newsletter Issue 7 June 1983
27 Paul McKay The Aerojunk
Introduces the Aerojunk sail that looks like a bermudan rig but works like a junk sail
125 Roger Taylor The making of Mingming II - part 2
1263 Leszek Wolnik JRA member creates art during lockdown
YouTube video of Leszek Wolnik’s wooden junk rig tableau artwork based on his voyage to Svalbard during his enforced Covid lockdown in New Zealand
1344 Pete Hill and Linda Crew-Gee Power Fin Sculling
A new type of scull based on work of Atsushi Doi - alternative means of propulsion of dinghy
link Page: 36