22 JRA Sailplans - early days of the westernised junk rig
A glossary of older westernised JR sailplans with diagrams
1317 JRA Junk Rig boats in West of France
YouTube video - Descriptions and images of junk rigged boats in the western regions of France, including images of Lakatao, Grand Pha, Ming Ming, Circé, Yellow Rock, Pa Yeng, Tourne Lune, Paradox, Chi
272 Graham Cox Teleport in the Northwest Passage
link Magazine Issue 76 February 2018 Page: 41
150 Graeme Kenyon Book Review, East Sails West
link Magazine Issue 84 October 2020 Page: 50
693 Junk rig on a WEST WIGHT POTTER.
link Newsletter Issue 14 November 1986
737 Annie & Pete Hill WESTCOASTER 20 MISSEE LEE converts to junk and cruises the West Country and crosses the Channel
link Newsletter Issue 19 May 1989
739 Restoration of a Chinese Sampan in the West Country.
link Newsletter Issue 19 May 1989
771 Pete & Annie Hill Cruising the Brittany Canals in a 20' junk rigged WESTCOASTER (illustrated)
link Newsletter Issue 22 December 1990
780 Crossing the Atlantic (West to East) in a SUNBIRD 32 junk schooner.
link Newsletter Issue 24 Winter 1991
967 36' CHINA BLUE'S West Coast and Irish/Scottish Cruise.
link Newsletter Issue 43 August 2004
1041 Slieve McGalliard POPPY, a Westerly Longbow 30 with home made split junk sail designed and made by Slieve McGalliard
link Newsletter Issue 50 January 2008
1065 Junk rig conversion of a MacWester 27 in Gran Canaria.
link Newsletter Issue 52 December 2008
661 Doug Morrell A Swing-Wing Rig on a WESTERLEY CENTAUR
link Newsletter Issue 9 May 1984
50 Arne Kverneland 20120826 Westsail 32 text plus JR
Sailplans - with a little explanation added
1185 Bruno Gouget Cruising news from Lakatao
Lakatao sails from South Africa to Saint Helena, Fernando de Noronha, French Guyana, West Indies
link Page: 29
1235 Jan Wolstenholme From Gunter to Junk
Converting a Westerly 22
link Page: 39
1269 JRA Junk Rigged Boats of SouthWest England
YouTube video featuring various boats including Fly, Mo, KRKA, Lexia,
1314 JRA Junk Rigged Boats in Ireland
YouTube video with footage of five boats sailing in Ireland. Nunki (Venturer), Galway Girl (Corribee), Palinurus (Westerly), Baidin Bui (Kingfisher), Yvonne (Kingfisher)