22 JRA Sailplans - early days of the westernised junk rig
A glossary of older westernised JR sailplans with diagrams
272 Graham Cox Teleport in the Northwest Passage
link Magazine Issue 76 February 2018 Page: 41
150 Graeme Kenyon Book Review, East Sails West
link Magazine Issue 84 October 2020 Page: 50
693 Junk rig on a WEST WIGHT POTTER.
link Newsletter Issue 14 November 1986
737 Annie & Pete Hill WESTCOASTER 20 MISSEE LEE converts to junk and cruises the West Country and crosses the Channel
link Newsletter Issue 19 May 1989
739 Restoration of a Chinese Sampan in the West Country.
link Newsletter Issue 19 May 1989
771 Pete & Annie Hill Cruising the Brittany Canals in a 20' junk rigged WESTCOASTER (illustrated)
link Newsletter Issue 22 December 1990
780 Crossing the Atlantic (West to East) in a SUNBIRD 32 junk schooner.
link Newsletter Issue 24 Winter 1991
967 36' CHINA BLUE'S West Coast and Irish/Scottish Cruise.
link Newsletter Issue 43 August 2004
1041 Slieve McGalliard POPPY, a Westerly Longbow 30 with home made split junk sail designed and made by Slieve McGalliard
link Newsletter Issue 50 January 2008
1065 Junk rig conversion of a MacWester 27 in Gran Canaria.
link Newsletter Issue 52 December 2008
661 Doug Morrell A Swing-Wing Rig on a WESTERLEY CENTAUR
link Newsletter Issue 9 May 1984
50 Arne Kverneland 20120826 Westsail 32 text plus JR
Sailplans - with a little explanation added
1185 Bruno Gouget Cruising news from Lakatao
Lakatao sails from South Africa to Saint Helena, Fernando de Noronha, French Guyana, West Indies
link Page: 29
1235 Jan Wolstenholme From Gunter to Junk
Converting a Westerly 22
link Page: 39
1269 JRA Junk Rigged Boats of SouthWest England
YouTube video featuring various boats including Fly, Mo, KRKA, Lexia,