725 Paul McKay ECLIPSE 22 is fitted with a junk rig using wishbone battens
link Newsletter Issue 17 May 1988
5 Arne Kverneland The Cambered Panel Junk Rig
Creating and using cambered panels
23 Joddy Chapman Sail Shape and Sailing Performance Measurement - the Chinese Lug Sail - PHD Thesis
A Thesis to establish the merits of features peculiar to the Chinese fully battened lug or junk sail using wind tunnels and measurement equipment
59 Arne Kverneland 20140111 Avoiding capsizing an offshore cruiser.
How-To notes: using the Capsize Ratio, made by the Cruising Club of America..
94 JRA JRA-Fact Sheet 5 - OLD
Boat Designs using Junk Rig:
1181 Kevin Cardiff Sailing can be a Love/Hate Relationship
A members snippet, musing on the ups and downs of sailing and a passage on the Irish East coast
link Page: 27
1214 Roy Denton Condensation inside a boat and how to beat it
Methods for dealing with condensation using fans
link Page: 53
1271 Story of a Traditional Sabani, courtesy Story of a Sabani
For many, many years Okinawan fishermen plied their trade using traditional wooden boats - Sabani. This is the story of building and launching one of these
1339 David Chidell The Chinese Solution - the Anchor Cat
Using Cats at the bow to improve anchoring
link Page: 9