344 Pol Bergius Unstayed wooden masts
link Magazine Issue 71 June 2016 Page: 11
812 The Aerorig by Carbospars. A Bermudan rig on a 360' revolving unstayed mast.
link Newsletter Issue 27 Summer 1993
910 Pete Goss's Round the World Racing Cat with unstayed masts.
link Newsletter Issue 37 November 2000
630 Admiral Fisher Junk Rigging a KINGFISHER 30 by Admiral Fisher. Stayed masts versus Unstayed masts.
link Newsletter Issue 4 January 1982
631 John Walker Advantages of the Hinged Unstayed mast
link Newsletter Issue 4 January 1982
643 David Zimmerly Unstayed deck stepped masts on a 33' SHARPIE
link Newsletter Issue 6 December 1982
88 JRA JRA-Fitting the unstayed mast rig to your boat
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