24 David Tyler Tystie, Bora Boar to Tonga
Cruising on Tystie
534 David Tyler Making Sails for Footprints and Tystie
link Magazine Issue 59 April 2012 Page: 34
918 David Tyler David Tyler's 34' Epoxy-Ply special single junk sail cruiser TYSTIE, pictures & plans.
link Newsletter Issue 38 July 2001
919 Article on TYSTIE from P.B.O. magazine.
link Newsletter Issue 38 July 2001
936 David Tyler A new sail for TYSTIE 37
link Newsletter Issue 40 March 2003
996 TYSTIE'S New Swing-Wing rig and shake down cruise.
link Newsletter Issue 46 January 2006
1008 David Tyler Passage report from David Tyler on TYSTIE.
link Newsletter Issue 47 August 2006
1017 David Tyler Performance result of a Swing-Wing schooner rig on TYSTIE; UK to S. Africa.
link Newsletter Issue 48 January 2007
1022 TYSTIE'S log with two knockdowns on passage UK to S. Africa
link Newsletter Issue 48 January 2007
1050 Building of my MALLIEMAC, a sister to TYSTIE with pictures
link Newsletter Issue 50 January 2008
1057 David Tyler TYSTIE Progress Report
link Newsletter Issue 51 August 2008
28 David Tyler Tystie's Rig Update
Notes on development of a wingsail
85 David Tyler Tystie's rig update, Dec 2009 to Jan 2010 rev1
108 David Tyler Tystie, Tonga to New Zealand
1280 Various participants Russell Tall Ships event 2023
A junket within a major boating festival, including mini-stories from various boats - Renate Christ/Taiko Gordon Gregg/Shoestring Roger Scott/Tystie David Webb/Gypsy Rose Annie Hill/Fanshi Alan Marti
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