1289 Shemaya Laurel; Debbie Lyons Two Fall Junkets
Invitation to two forthcoming junkets in New England and Chesapeake
link Page: 3
1330 Shemaya Laurel New England Junket in Two Parts
Gathering of boats in two parts; Australis; Brenda B; Great Auk; Kokachin
link Page: 44
519 Bertrand Fercot Building two wood masts in two stages
link Magazine Issue 58 January 2012 Page: 33
531 John Dinnin With Two Masts, Who Needs Parrels?
link Magazine Issue 59 April 2012 Page: 26
625 Eric Lerouge AEGIR - Two masted Junk
link Newsletter Issue 3 April 1981
949 Book Review - Two Girls, Two Catamarans by James Wharram.
link Newsletter Issue 41 August 2003
994 James Wharram and "Two Girls Two Catamarans", the book and transatlantic voyage
link Newsletter Issue 45 August 2005
1022 TYSTIE'S log with two knockdowns on passage UK to S. Africa
link Newsletter Issue 48 January 2007
37 Bertrand Fercot Building of two 16m wood masts V1-0
38 Bertrand Fercot Building of two bi-conical wood free-masts made with 12 staves
58 Arne Kverneland Two plotters you can make yourself, ver 20120405
How-To notes - Course and Range Plotter and Bearing Plotter
125 Roger Taylor The making of Mingming II - part 2
1226 Jim den Hartog Between Oceans - From Brazil to Panama
A two year period sailing Gaia from the Atlantic to the Pacific
link Page: 3
1257 Graeme Kenyon Freebie sails home
A small junk rig boat sailing in New Zealand with two Thompson made sails, on the way home from a junket
1263 Leszek Wolnik JRA member creates art during lockdown
YouTube video of Leszek Wolnik’s wooden junk rig tableau artwork based on his voyage to Svalbard during his enforced Covid lockdown in New Zealand
1298 Corsair to the Rescue
Two articles from sailing magazines regarding the rescue of Bill King by the yacht Corsair etc
link Page: 24