513 Annie Hill The Transformation of Joshua
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156 Dave Leet Nomad - Trans-Atlantic to Suriname
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743 The 1988 Carlstar Trans Atlantic Race with JESTER, GALWAY BLAZER, WATER BEAR representing the J.R.A.
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789 Summer Rally at start of the Single Handed Trans Atlantic Race.
link Newsletter Issue 25 Summer 1992
805 SABRA, a SUNBIRD 32 junk schooner sails with the trans Atlantic "Columbus Voyage Fleet" and also loses a foremast
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806 BARE BONES a 30' yacht by Angus Primrose with a junk rig for taking part competitively in the Single Handed Trans Atlantic Race
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917 Trans Atlantic in a 23' HUNTER LIBERTY.
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994 James Wharram and "Two Girls Two Catamarans", the book and transatlantic voyage
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1002 Transatlantic cruise with an AeroRig, and explanations of its sailing ability.
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1011 Richard Dryden The Transition Sailing Rig by Richard Dryden following his talk at the Summer Rally.
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1084 Jonathan Snodgrass How not to do the OSTAR Transatlantic Race
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1251 Graham Cox Jester, Blondie Hasler and Mike Richie - a junk rig boat and its sailors
The history of jester a junk rigged folkboat , its sailors and transatlantic journeys