1259 JRA Junks that sailed the Pacific - interview with Hans Van Tilburg
YouTube video interview with author who profiled 10 junks that sailed from the Far East to the USA
382 Ken Russ-Powell Boat that Shouldn't Sail
link Magazine Issue 69 October 2015 Page: 32
336 Roy Denton It's that Keel Again
link Magazine Issue 72 October 2016 Page: 39
932 The concluding report by Joddy Chapman on the research into the junk rig that rewarded him with a PhD.
link Newsletter Issue 39 March 2002
954 Fixed camber battens that flip when tacking.
link Newsletter Issue 42 January 2004
27 Paul McKay The Aerojunk
Introduces the Aerojunk sail that looks like a bermudan rig but works like a junk sail
1128 Graeme Kenyon The Junk that Challenged the Yachts
book review of the story of the Free China
link Magazine Issue 87 October 2021
1178 Arne Kverneland Talk About Being Rusty (or all’s well that ends well)
Early season ceiling in Norwegian fjords
link Page: 26
1258 Graeme Kenyon Launch of FanShi
YouTube video of the launch of Annie Hill’s David Tyler Siblim design schooner and the junket that was held to mark the event in New Zealand
1262 JRA More from the Roscoff Junket
A second YouTube video of the four boats that sailed in the 2022 Roscoff junket
1301 Kevin Cardiff Morbihan, What a Junket
Description of the Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan festival and the junket that took place there
link Page: 38