1144 Graeme Kenyon The Story of the Junk Cocachin
History of the Junk Cocachin and owners Wayne and Theresa Moran
link Page: 7
1271 Story of a Traditional Sabani, courtesy Story of a Sabani
For many, many years Okinawan fishermen plied their trade using traditional wooden boats - Sabani. This is the story of building and launching one of these
544 Ketil Greve The continuing story of Marie G.
link Magazine Issue 60 October 2012 Page: 21
391 Editor History of JR Rallies
link Magazine Issue 69 October 2015 Page: 51
349 Bruce Weller Junk Rig Glossary Story
link Magazine Issue 71 June 2016 Page: 32
283 Graham Cox Hall of Fame - Chris and Jess Bray / The Teleport Story - Part I
link Magazine Issue 75 October 2017 Page: 25
991 The Sunbird Swing-Wing rig history and development.
link Newsletter Issue 45 August 2005
635 Brian Platt The Chinese Junk, history, Construction, Use and Advantages by Brian Platt.
link Newsletter Issue 5 June 1982
1128 Graeme Kenyon The Junk that Challenged the Yachts
book review of the story of the Free China
link Magazine Issue 87 October 2021
1149 Kevin Cardiff A Nearly Forgotten History - the California junk
Chinese migrants to California and the junks they used and built
link Page: 9
1251 Graham Cox Jester, Blondie Hasler and Mike Richie - a junk rig boat and its sailors
The history of jester a junk rigged folkboat , its sailors and transatlantic journeys
1274 Shirley Carter Lombok to Sarawak
Cruising story, Lombok, Sarawak, Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia
link Page: 5
1275 Graeme Kenyon The Ill Fated Voyage of the Princess Taiping
Story of a double pacific crossing by a modern replica of a traditional southeast China junk and shipwreck
link Page: 17
1276 James Michaud Muddy Pawse
A junk rigged mirror dinghy, its story and its sailing
link Page: 20
1282 David Omick Minimus II - Final Sea Trials
Continuation of the story of the build of a junk rigged catamaran
link Page: 43
1290 Shirley Carter Speedwell in Malaysia
Continuation of the story of the build of a junk rig Vertue sailing in far flung places Kudat, Banggi, Mitford, Puerta Princesa, Balabamgan
link Page: 4
1292 Pete Hill; Linda Crew-Gee Building Kokachin
Story of the build and launch of this deForestier Jonque de Plaisance
link Page: 27
1293 Derek Pilgrim Before GPS, Part 3
Continued series on history of navigation
link Page: 31
1303 Gordon Gregg Trouble in Suva
Story of a learning experience around dragged anchors in a crowded anchorage
link Page: 49
1328 Graeme Kenyon Cocachin Sequel
Story of traditional junk replica built for Silk Route simulation and its less than good outcome
link Page: 36