444 David Tyler Summer in South Alaska
link Magazine Issue 65 June 2014 Page: 44
495 Graham Cox Southern Sojourn
link Magazine Issue 68 June 2015 Page: 30
692 EBBTIDE 36 and Bob Burns, solo to South Africa.
link Newsletter Issue 13 May 1986
709 Pete & Annie Hill BADGER heads south again
link Newsletter Issue 15 May 1987
822 A letter from Annie & Pete Hill and BADGER'S Log of cruise from UK to Falklands via East coast of South America.
link Newsletter Issue 28 Winter 1993
834 CHALLENGER 35 UPIK loses a mast in the South Atlantic, Skipper and UPIK'S stay in S. Africa and eventual arrival in Spain.
link Newsletter Issue 29 Summer 1994
854 Annie Hill BADGER leaves the Falkland Isles via South Georgia for South Africa
link Newsletter Issue 31 April 1996
1185 Bruno Gouget Cruising news from Lakatao
Lakatao sails from South Africa to Saint Helena, Fernando de Noronha, French Guyana, West Indies
link Page: 29
1252 JRA Traditional Sailing Junks of … California
In the 19th century many sailing junks were to be found serving the fishing industry of San Francisco Bay, Monterrey and Southern California
1260 JRA China Blue Sails South
YouTube video account of the sail of a 36’ schooner from Roscoff through Chenal de Four, Camaret, Raz de Sein and Lesconil
1269 JRA Junk Rigged Boats of SouthWest England
YouTube video featuring various boats including Fly, Mo, KRKA, Lexia,
1275 Graeme Kenyon The Ill Fated Voyage of the Princess Taiping
Story of a double pacific crossing by a modern replica of a traditional southeast China junk and shipwreck
link Page: 17
1277 Patrick Leblanc China Blue (in the Irish Sea)
Voyage from Ireland to Wales and Southwards by a 36' Junk Rigged Schooner
link Page: 22
1278 Gordon Gregg A Southern Thanksgiving Cruise
A cruise in New Zealand, including the boats and people encountered. Pardey, Haig, Shoestring, Ms Murphy, Footprints, and more
link Page: 27
1337 Indigenous Boats Blogspot Boats of China and Southeast Asia
Bibliography page and download links with books on Chinese and Vietnamese junks and other craft