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139 David Chidell Must Read - People of the Sea by James Wharram with Hanneke Boon
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682 EBBTIDE 36, junk rig, sea trials.
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703 SABRA SUNBIRD 32 in oceanic research in thc Caribbean.
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759 Victor Wintcrthun Research into Windward performance of the Junk Rig
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770 Vincent Reddish Researching, Designing and Installing a traditionally based junk rig in a VERTUE 26 (illustrated)
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779 Research and development of the junk rig on a SADLER 26 plus racing results.
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817 Shake down cruise in a 28' junk rigged SEA ROVER.
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836 JRA 1994 Research & Development Project Progress to date at Exeter University.
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837 The 1995 Research & Development Programme.
link Newsletter Issue 30 Summer 1995
856 Garrard Kelly Proposed Research and Development Fund and a members views
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857 Joddy Chapman Research at Exeter University into the Junk Rig by Joddy Chapman.
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865 Research & Development Report to date at Exeter University.
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880 Bunny Smith Research at Exeter University for the J.R.A. by Joddy Chapman - Comment on research
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898 Robert Biegler Taking a SEADOG for a walk
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909 Research and Development.
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932 The concluding report by Joddy Chapman on the research into the junk rig that rewarded him with a PhD.
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629 WA King-Webster Junk Rig on a SEA ROVER
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938 Sea Trial of CHINA MOON, Pete Hill's junk rigged 37' Catamaran.
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957 Research and Development - some thoughts and responses.
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1021 Building and sailing a junk rigged double end Grey Seal 25'6" Ian Oughtred design in riveted clinker timber by a 75 year old
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79 Slieve McGalliard Universal Round and Broadseam Calculator
Thoughts on Cambered Panels and the Split Junk Rig
1119 David Omick Minimus II Sea Trials
Junk Rig catamaran tested
link Magazine Issue 87 October 2021 Page: 26
1134 Derek Pilgrim Sea Waves
Part 1
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1178 Arne Kverneland Talk About Being Rusty (or all’s well that ends well)
Early season ceiling in Norwegian fjords
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1184 Kevin Cardiff Start of the Season
members snippet – daysailing near Dublin, Ireland
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1225 Annie Hill Must Read
Book review of Just Sea and Sky by Ben Pester
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Voyage from Ireland to Wales and Southwards by a 36' Junk Rigged Schooner
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1282 David Omick Minimus II - Final Sea Trials
Continuation of the story of the build of a junk rigged catamaran
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1283 Par Leijonhufoud Marine and Coastal Survival
Survival techniques for land and sea
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1333 Gez and Sue Richards Footloose in the Baltic
2009 Cruise of Footloose from Woodbridge in England across North Sea to Baltic
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1351 Annie Hill Must Read
Book Review of "When I Put Out to Sea" by Nicolette Milnes-Walker
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