1253 JRA Sailing Junk Rigs in New England - Shemaya Laurel
Interview with a sailor of three junk rigs including a Benford design Chebacco, Auklet, and a Dave and Anke Zeiger design triloboat Great Auk
564 Various Comparing Junk Rigs
link Magazine Issue 61 February 2013 Page: 44
673 List of 46 boats with Sunbird Junk Rigs
link Newsletter Issue 10 December 1984
695 Junk and Bermudan rigs on Newbridge Boats, a comparative report.
link Newsletter Issue 14 November 1986
717 Ralph Hill A Cruising Rig, Square, Dhow, fore & aft, and Junk Rigs discussed and details of his Junkette rig on a KINGFISHER 26
link Newsletter Issue 16 November 1987
793 Junk rigs on Catamarans, photo / comments from designers / builders.
link Newsletter Issue 25 Summer 1992
803 Gp. Capt. Bunny Smith replies to Alan Boswell's article in N/L 25 and expands on his previous articles, comments on present production rigs and points to the future. A very relevant article on the jun
link Newsletter Issue 26 Winter 1992
666 Book Review of "Sails", by J. Howard Williams, a new chapter on Junk and Allied Rigs
link Newsletter Issue 9 May 1984
2 JRA What classes of production boat have been successfully fitted with junk rigs?
Types and designs of junk rig boats
8 Arne Kverneland Choosing a sailplan - ch3 of The Cambered Panel Junk Rig
Sail plan choices for cambered panel rigs
30 JRA Why Consider the Junk Rig and Similar Fully Battened Lug Sails
Introductory note on the pros and cons of Junk Rigs
34 Annie Hill Fifty Advantages of the Junk RIg
Explainig JR advantages over other rigs
90 JRA JRA-Fact Sheet 1
Designers and Builders of Rigs and Boats
91 JRA JRA-Fact Sheet 2
Parts suppliers for Junk Rigs:
1261 Jonathan DeLaleu @jondelaleu Junk Rigs Come to Roscoff
Four Junk Rig boats and various sailors came to Roscoff for the JRA AGM and to sail together in a junket - YouTube video account