522 Annie Hill The Passage Perilous
link Magazine Issue 59 April 2012 Page: 4
426 Alan Martienssen A Passage to Madagascar
link Magazine Issue 64 February 2014 Page: 40
453 Pete Hill A Short Passage To Uruguay
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272 Graham Cox Teleport in the Northwest Passage
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206 Roger Scott A First Ocean Passage
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1008 David Tyler Passage report from David Tyler on TYSTIE.
link Newsletter Issue 47 August 2006
1013 Passage Report from Mathilda, a steel Dutch Grundel.
link Newsletter Issue 47 August 2006
1022 TYSTIE'S log with two knockdowns on passage UK to S. Africa
link Newsletter Issue 48 January 2007
1181 Kevin Cardiff Sailing can be a Love/Hate Relationship
A members snippet, musing on the ups and downs of sailing and a passage on the Irish East coast
link Page: 27