191 Graham Cox Pacific Pioneers
link Magazine Issue 81 October 2019 Page: 38
993 KOU POLL in the Pacific.
link Newsletter Issue 45 August 2005
1036 Annie Hill's further adventures in crossing the Pacific.
link Newsletter Issue 49 August 2007
1191 Shirley Carter Speedwell Arrives in Fiji
Pacific cruising from 3G to Lombok past Vanuatu and other exotic places
link Page: 37
1226 Jim den Hartog Between Oceans - From Brazil to Panama
A two year period sailing Gaia from the Atlantic to the Pacific
link Page: 3
1259 JRA Junks that sailed the Pacific - interview with Hans Van Tilburg
YouTube video interview with author who profiled 10 junks that sailed from the Far East to the USA
1275 Graeme Kenyon The Ill Fated Voyage of the Princess Taiping
Story of a double pacific crossing by a modern replica of a traditional southeast China junk and shipwreck
link Page: 17
1321 Shirley Carter Speedwell in the Philippines
Continued voyages in the pacific by a small junk rig boat. Malanao; Puerto Princesa; Honda Bay; Typhoon Betty
link Page: 9