58 Arne Kverneland Two plotters you can make yourself, ver 20120405
How-To notes - Course and Range Plotter and Bearing Plotter
546 Monica Varney A Journey from Milford Haven
link Magazine Issue 60 October 2012 Page: 23
553 Steve Peake Our HonSec. Has Really Done It This Time
link Magazine Issue 61 February 2013 Page: 4
435 Ash Woods JRA Website Beginner's Tour
link Magazine Issue 65 June 2014 Page: 16
445 David Chidell Solent Sojourn
link Magazine Issue 65 June 2014 Page: 48
491 Jeff Middleton Jeff's Journey into Junk
link Magazine Issue 68 June 2015 Page: 23
495 Graham Cox Southern Sojourn
link Magazine Issue 68 June 2015 Page: 30
385 Jeff Middleton Jeff's Journey into Junk
link Magazine Issue 69 October 2015 Page: 38
359 Jeff Middleton Jeff's Journey into Junk
link Magazine Issue 70 February 2016 Page: 15
298 Jeff Middleton Jeff's Journey
link Magazine Issue 74 June 2017 Page: 24
241 Mo Fay Jenkins Small Harbours, Big Tides
link Magazine Issue 78 October 2018 Page: 46
179 Derek Pilgrim Our Colourful Sea
link Magazine Issue 82 February 2020 Page: 45
718 Our new President, Jock McLeod.
link Newsletter Issue 17 May 1988
808 "The Chinese Sailing Rig", designing and building your own by Derek Van Loan
link Newsletter Issue 26 Winter 1992
827 Report from our man in China and Ferro Fishing Junks.
link Newsletter Issue 28 Winter 1993
862 Lex & May Hodgkinson See off the Opposition with Hinged Battens and the Visit of the ENDEAVOUR replica
link Newsletter Issue 32 October 1996
863 Tim & Marilyn Smith Our Junk Schooner rigged 35' SHARPIE
link Newsletter Issue 32 October 1996
1001 The tour of PRECIOUS DRAGON - Chinese 3 masted Junk.
link Newsletter Issue 46 January 2006
1020 Review of Derek Van Loan's third edition of "Design and build your own junk"
link Newsletter Issue 48 January 2007
1045 Maurice & Barbara Poissenot MATHILDA, our steel 28' Dutch Grundel makes creek crawling in the Mcd. a sensible option
link Newsletter Issue 50 January 2008
1067 How to protect your un-anodized alloy mast.
link Newsletter Issue 52 December 2008
641 Michael & Wendy Willett Sailing our junk rigged SSURI (29'6") from the Cook Islands to Samoa
link Newsletter Issue 6 December 1982
25 Slieve McGalliard Some thoughts on Junk Rig Performance
Notes analysing aerodynamic issues for Junk Rig coming to conclusions favouring split rig
A new member's tips and trick for JRA website.
88 JRA JRA-Fitting the unstayed mast rig to your boat
Junk Knowledge Archive
95 JRA JRA-Fact Sheet 6
Sources of Technical Information
1117 Various members Brixham Heritage Regatta
experiences of our members
link Magazine Issue 87 October 2021 Page: 22
1164 Gez and Sue Richards Footloose Falcon – our flying carpet
Cruising the 32 foot Sunbird named Footloose in Northern Europe
link Page: 18
1188 David Omick Junk Rig Masts
Making them asked for a four masted catamaran
link Page: 33
1231 Various members Weather Prediction Sites
A tour round some members' favourite weather sites
link Page: 35
1251 Graham Cox Jester, Blondie Hasler and Mike Richie - a junk rig boat and its sailors
The history of jester a junk rigged folkboat , its sailors and transatlantic journeys
1254 JRA Buying a Junk Rig Boat and Sailing it to France - Interview with Patrick Leblanc
YouTube video interview about the journey of 36’ schooner China Blue from Scotland to France
1260 JRA China Blue Sails South
YouTube video account of the sail of a 36’ schooner from Roscoff through Chenal de Four, Camaret, Raz de Sein and Lesconil
1261 Jonathan DeLaleu @jondelaleu Junk Rigs Come to Roscoff
Four Junk Rig boats and various sailors came to Roscoff for the JRA AGM and to sail together in a junket - YouTube video account
1262 JRA More from the Roscoff Junket
A second YouTube video of the four boats that sailed in the 2022 Roscoff junket
1288 Arne Kverneland Le gréement de jonque pour les débutants
Version francaise de cette document important
1317 JRA Junk Rig boats in West of France
YouTube video - Descriptions and images of junk rigged boats in the western regions of France, including images of Lakatao, Grand Pha, Ming Ming, Circé, Yellow Rock, Pa Yeng, Tourne Lune, Paradox, Chi