699 Henry Pigott Completion of the circumnavigation in GLORY
link Newsletter Issue 14 November 1986
707 ROAMER EBBTIDE 36 circumnavigation, continued.
link Newsletter Issue 15 May 1987
850 Ray Waters Building a 30' HARTLEY in timber for a circumnavigation (Aus.).
link Newsletter Issue 31 April 1996
1169 Derek Pilgrim Before GPS part 1 – the Wayfinders
Historical perspective on how navigation was done before electronic navigation
link Page: 19
1291 Annie Hill Must Read - Bill King
Book Review of the book "Capsize" about King's circumnavigation attempt
link Page: 12
1293 Derek Pilgrim Before GPS, Part 3
Continued series on history of navigation
link Page: 31
1299 JRA; Galway Bay Sailing Club Marking 50 years since Bill King's Circumnavigation
Joint press release as issued by the Junk Rig Association and the Galway Bay Sailing Club
link Page: 16
1305 Monika Massey Glacier Gem - the start of a great adventure
The author and husband Nick start their circumnavigation adventure in self-built steel yacht. From the Great Lakes to Florida, Mexico, the Carribean, Central America
link Page: 52
1323 Elise and Bruno Gouget and JRA Circumnavigation Medal
link Page: 16
1327 Derek Pilgrim Before GPS Part 4
Continuation of series - Radio Aids to Navigation
link Page: 31