551 Graham Cox A Long Time Coming
link Magazine Issue 60 October 2012 Page: 48
577 Roger Taylor The Making of MingMing II
link Magazine Issue 62 June 2013 Page: 26
431 Roger Taylor The making of Mingming II - part 2
link Magazine Issue 64 February 2014 Page: 58
458 Arne Kverneland Taming the THP
link Magazine Issue 66 October 2014 Page: 36
476 Charlotte Watters Hestur's Homecoming
link Magazine Issue 67 February 2015 Page: 36
379 Roger Taylor Ming Ming II Voyage
link Magazine Issue 69 October 2015 Page: 23
25 Slieve McGalliard Some thoughts on Junk Rig Performance
Notes analysing aerodynamic issues for Junk Rig coming to conclusions favouring split rig
35 Roger Taylor From Mingming book - explaining why JR is superior
RT explains advantages of JR
125 Roger Taylor The making of Mingming II - part 2
1114 Ming Ming's Impossible Voyage
review of book by Roger Taylor
link Magazine Issue 88 March 2022 Page: 60
1289 Shemaya Laurel; Debbie Lyons Two Fall Junkets
Invitation to two forthcoming junkets in New England and Chesapeake
link Page: 3
1317 JRA Junk Rig boats in West of France
YouTube video - Descriptions and images of junk rigged boats in the western regions of France, including images of Lakatao, Grand Pha, Ming Ming, Circé, Yellow Rock, Pa Yeng, Tourne Lune, Paradox, Chi
1325 Patrick LeBlanc La Semaine Du Golfe 2023 - a Personal Experience
sailing in the Semaine du Golfe festival, events and lessons learned; in company with MingMing, Circé,
link Page: 21