572 Annie Hill The Launching of La Chica
link Magazine Issue 62 June 2013 Page: 10
578 Luis Nin Estevez Relaunching Atiti
link Magazine Issue 62 June 2013 Page: 30
227 Graeme Kenyon Launching Pango
link Magazine Issue 79 February 2019 Page: 52
790 Launching of the new JESTER
link Newsletter Issue 25 Summer 1992
1217 Jan Wolstenholme The Boat Shed
Junk rig boat building and recent launchings
link Page: 56
1271 Story of a Traditional Sabani, courtesy Story of a Sabani
For many, many years Okinawan fishermen plied their trade using traditional wooden boats - Sabani. This is the story of building and launching one of these