1211 Lynda Chidell Kokachin is launched
Description of this DeForestier designed junk, owners Pete Hill and Linda Crew-Gee and its recent launch
link Page: 51
1255 The Launch of Kokachin
YouTube video introducing the recently launched Deforestier junk Kokachin
1258 Graeme Kenyon Launch of FanShi
YouTube video of the launch of Annie Hill’s David Tyler Siblim design schooner and the junket that was held to mark the event in New Zealand
542 Editor Newly launched - Oryx
link Magazine Issue 60 October 2012 Page: 18
543 Editor Nearly launched - Malliemac
link Magazine Issue 60 October 2012 Page: 20
572 Annie Hill The Launching of La Chica
link Magazine Issue 62 June 2013 Page: 10
578 Luis Nin Estevez Relaunching Atiti
link Magazine Issue 62 June 2013 Page: 30
227 Graeme Kenyon Launching Pango
link Magazine Issue 79 February 2019 Page: 52
138 Editor The Launch of Fan Shi
link Magazine Issue 85 February 2021 Page: 58
790 Launching of the new JESTER
link Newsletter Issue 25 Summer 1992
800 WYLO II Junk ketch on a steel hull launched in New Zealand and details of the hinged battens.
link Newsletter Issue 26 Winter 1992
1217 Jan Wolstenholme The Boat Shed
Junk rig boat building and recent launchings
link Page: 56
1271 Story of a Traditional Sabani, courtesy Story of a Sabani
For many, many years Okinawan fishermen plied their trade using traditional wooden boats - Sabani. This is the story of building and launching one of these
1292 Pete Hill; Linda Crew-Gee Building Kokachin
Story of the build and launch of this deForestier Jonque de Plaisance
link Page: 27