10 Arne Kverneland Making the Sail - ch5 of The Cambered Panel Junk Rig
Lofting cutting making a cambered panel junk rig sail
18 HG Hasler Kingfisher Original Sailing Instructions
How to sail a junk rig, specifically a Hasler Kingfisher yacht
1264 JRA Junk rigged Kingfisher 26 on East Coast of Ireland
Sailing YouTube video of a Kingfisher 26, experimenting with use of a 360 camera
1291 Annie Hill Must Read - Bill King
Book Review of the book "Capsize" about King's circumnavigation attempt
link Page: 12
1295 Leonie Finn Leonie Finn on Bill King and his Voyage
Some thoughts from Bill King's daughter on his voyages
link Page: 18
1313 Blondie Hasler Rigging instructions for a Kingfisher 26
Original 1970s instructions for the rigging on a Kingfisher
516 Arne Kverneland Peaking up the Junk Sail
link Magazine Issue 58 January 2012 Page: 24
534 David Tyler Making Sails for Footprints and Tystie
link Magazine Issue 59 April 2012 Page: 34
549 Paul Fay Making a Cambered Panel Junk Sail Work
link Magazine Issue 60 October 2012 Page: 34
550 Alan Martienssen Tacking to Thailand, and Back in Borneo
link Magazine Issue 60 October 2012 Page: 40
577 Roger Taylor The Making of MingMing II
link Magazine Issue 62 June 2013 Page: 26
395 Graham Cox JRA Hall of Fame - Bill King
link Magazine Issue 63 October 2013 Page: 4
431 Roger Taylor The making of Mingming II - part 2
link Magazine Issue 64 February 2014 Page: 58
348 Peter Johnson Working with Epoxy
link Magazine Issue 71 June 2016 Page: 30
288 Roy Denton Linking Photos to a Forum Post
link Magazine Issue 75 October 2017 Page: 48
158 Martin Brown Making a Sail for Custard
link Magazine Issue 83 June 2020 Page: 30
168 Peter Johnson Making Fuel Tanks
link Magazine Issue 83 June 2020 Page: 60
689 Hasler's sailing instructions for the KINGFISHER 20+.
link Newsletter Issue 13 May 1986
690 I. Iliffe. Sailing a KINGFISHER 20+ LORCHINKA through the French Canals
link Newsletter Issue 13 May 1986
708 KINGFISHER 20+ LORCHINKA in the Med.
link Newsletter Issue 15 May 1987
717 Ralph Hill A Cruising Rig, Square, Dhow, fore & aft, and Junk Rigs discussed and details of his Junkette rig on a KINGFISHER 26
link Newsletter Issue 16 November 1987
728 Karl Holtman Owning and sailing my KINGFISHER 20+
link Newsletter Issue 18 November 1988
806 BARE BONES a 30' yacht by Angus Primrose with a junk rig for taking part competitively in the Single Handed Trans Atlantic Race
link Newsletter Issue 26 Winter 1992
853 Brian Young Making Solid Masts from trees
link Newsletter Issue 31 April 1996
898 Robert Biegler Taking a SEADOG for a walk
link Newsletter Issue 36 February 2000
630 Admiral Fisher Junk Rigging a KINGFISHER 30 by Admiral Fisher. Stayed masts versus Unstayed masts.
link Newsletter Issue 4 January 1982
954 Fixed camber battens that flip when tacking.
link Newsletter Issue 42 January 2004
983 Voyage of a lifetime - A KINGFISHER 26 across the Atlantic and back.
link Newsletter Issue 44 January 2005
1015 Slieve McGalliard Sail Making at Home R & D Sec.
link Newsletter Issue 48 January 2007
1029 More on Sail Making at home
link Newsletter Issue 49 August 2007
1066 Azores and back Jester Challenge in a Kingfisher 22.
link Newsletter Issue 52 December 2008
1068 Chris Scanes Chris Scanes on camber in junk rig sail panels.
Describes development of cambered panel thinking and advantages of lens type, specific example being for a Kingfisher 26
1072 Taking to the English Inland Waterways.
link Newsletter Issue 52 December 2008
590 Phil Corridan Junking Alleda
link Newsletter Issue 56 April 2011
4 Bob Groves Easy Go Yuloh
Making a yuloh
29 Paul Fay Making a cambered panel Junk Sail Work
Notes on how to make cambered panels work for long distance cruising boats
43 Arne Kverneland "The Cambered Panel Junk Rig (""The book"") - Chapter 5 - Making the Sail"
63 Arne Kverneland 20180611 Making a parachute drogue - updated 20180729
How-To notes
97 JRA Original Kingfisher sailing instructions
122 Eric W. Sponberg Freedom Yacht Mast Cracking - Causes and the Cure
Freedom mast repairs
125 Roger Taylor The making of Mingming II - part 2
1116 Graham Cox Conversation with Paul Thompson
about boats and sail making
link Magazine Issue 87 October 2021 Page: 8
1188 David Omick Junk Rig Masts
Making them asked for a four masted catamaran
link Page: 33
1237 Mauro Pau The Refit of Shui Jen
Choosing, refitting, and sailing a Kingfisher 20+
link Page: 41
1248 JRA Introduction to the Junk Rig Part 3 - Know the Ropes
YouTube video explaining the ropes making up the rigging on a junk rig boat
1249 JRA Introduction to the Junk Rig Part 4 - Sailing a Junk Rig Boat
YouTube video explaining how a junk rig sails, describing windward sailing, reaching, running, tacking and gybing
1266 Paul McKay AeroJunk Folio
A detailed description of the AeroJunk rig and its implementation, including information on sail making and batten making
1281 Various JRA members and friends Russell Tall Ships - Photos from the Boats
Photos from the junket taking place in conjunction with a major New Zealand boating festival
link Page: 41
1294 Johnny Shorten Another Unsung Hero
Article about Bill King and efforts to commemorate him from Commodore of the Galway Bay Sailing Club
link Page: 17
1296 Graham Cox Commander William Donald Aelian "Bill" King
Reprint of a 2013 article on the life of this sailor
link Page: 19
1297 Michael Steemson Newspaper cuttings regarding Bill King
link Page: 23
1298 Corsair to the Rescue
Two articles from sailing magazines regarding the rescue of Bill King by the yacht Corsair etc
link Page: 24
1299 JRA; Galway Bay Sailing Club Marking 50 years since Bill King's Circumnavigation
Joint press release as issued by the Junk Rig Association and the Galway Bay Sailing Club
link Page: 16
1314 JRA Junk Rigged Boats in Ireland
YouTube video with footage of five boats sailing in Ireland. Nunki (Venturer), Galway Girl (Corribee), Palinurus (Westerly), Baidin Bui (Kingfisher), Yvonne (Kingfisher)
1324 Mauro Pau First Time Solo and a Family Sailing Holiday
Kingfisher 20+ in the Adriatic. Sailing preparation, characteristics, experience, family
link Page: 16