1251 Graham Cox Jester, Blondie Hasler and Mike Richie - a junk rig boat and its sailors
The history of jester a junk rigged folkboat , its sailors and transatlantic journeys
720 Michael Richey Jester's Ultimate Storm
link Newsletter Issue 17 May 1988
743 The 1988 Carlstar Trans Atlantic Race with JESTER, GALWAY BLAZER, WATER BEAR representing the J.R.A.
link Newsletter Issue 19 May 1989
772 JESTER Sails Again - Progress towards a replacement.
link Newsletter Issue 22 December 1990
790 Launching of the new JESTER
link Newsletter Issue 25 Summer 1992
1012 JESTER's Ultimate Storm and mast loss in 1986 Atlantic crossing.
link Newsletter Issue 47 August 2006
1066 Azores and back Jester Challenge in a Kingfisher 22.
link Newsletter Issue 52 December 2008
17 Graham Cox Blondie Hasler and Jester
Hall of Fame - Hasler