1141 Annie Hill Pottering in the Bay of Islands
Cruising and living onboard in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands
link Page: 3
518 Lesley Verbrugge Around The Island Race
link Magazine Issue 58 January 2012 Page: 29
524 Annie Hill The N. Island of NZ Rally 2011
link Magazine Issue 59 April 2012 Page: 10
586 Edward Hooper Round The Island Race
link Magazine Issue 62 June 2013 Page: 56
462 Edward Hooper & Sally Peake Amiina - Round the Island
link Magazine Issue 66 October 2014 Page: 51
381 Steve Peake Round the Island Race
link Magazine Issue 69 October 2015 Page: 29
351 Alan Martienssen Palmerston Island
link Magazine Issue 71 June 2016 Page: 39
696 Annie Hill BADGER'S Cruise from the Virgin Islands to the UK
link Newsletter Issue 14 November 1986
724 Bob Burns and ROAMER homeward bound from the Falkland Islands.
link Newsletter Issue 17 May 1988
750 UPIK sails to the Canary Islands.
link Newsletter Issue 20 December 1989
804 UPIK, a CHALLENGER 35 junk schooner cruise from the Canary Islands to Cape Town, including the loss of the foremast.
link Newsletter Issue 26 Winter 1992
624 John Campbell Junks in the Virgin Islands
link Newsletter Issue 3 April 1981
1054 Round the Island Race in junk rigged boat.
link Newsletter Issue 51 August 2008
1069 More on the Round the Island Race in POPPY
link Newsletter Issue 52 December 2008
641 Michael & Wendy Willett Sailing our junk rigged SSURI (29'6") from the Cook Islands to Samoa
link Newsletter Issue 6 December 1982
1331 Jim den Hartog with Helen den Dekker Panama to Galapagos
Gaia cruise continues; Panama; Pearl Islands, Puerto Armuelles etc; Costa Rica
link Page: 47
1340 Shirley Carter Speedwell in the Philippines
Continuing the voyage of this sailor - Puerto Princesa, Honda Bay, Verde Islands, Araceli, Coron Island and more
link Page: 15
1343 Jim den Hartog and Helen den Dekker Onward to Galapagos
Cruising Report and essay on interesting islands of Galapagos
link Page: 27