391 Editor History of JR Rallies
link Magazine Issue 69 October 2015 Page: 51
991 The Sunbird Swing-Wing rig history and development.
link Newsletter Issue 45 August 2005
635 Brian Platt The Chinese Junk, history, Construction, Use and Advantages by Brian Platt.
link Newsletter Issue 5 June 1982
1144 Graeme Kenyon The Story of the Junk Cocachin
History of the Junk Cocachin and owners Wayne and Theresa Moran
link Page: 7
1149 Kevin Cardiff A Nearly Forgotten History - the California junk
Chinese migrants to California and the junks they used and built
link Page: 9
1251 Graham Cox Jester, Blondie Hasler and Mike Richie - a junk rig boat and its sailors
The history of jester a junk rigged folkboat , its sailors and transatlantic journeys
1293 Derek Pilgrim Before GPS, Part 3
Continued series on history of navigation
link Page: 31