1126 Frank Hossack A Replica of Zheng He's Flagship
building of a historical junk replica
link Magazine Issue 87 October 2021 Page: 54
1169 Derek Pilgrim Before GPS part 1 – the Wayfinders
Historical perspective on how navigation was done before electronic navigation
link Page: 19
1246 JRA Junk Rig Association YouTube channel
YouTube channel devoted to junk rig including introduction, historical and entertainment videos
1267 John Muir One Old Junk is Everyone’s Treasure - the Excavation, Amalysis and Interpretation of a Chinese Shrimp Junk at China Camp State Park
A thesis on the archaeology of a junk in California, with detail of traditional Chinese ship building techniques and historical context for the junk.
1347 Derek Pilgrim Seven Bad Days on the British Coast
Historical discussion of bad storms and other coastal events
link Page: 44