19 Graham Cox Annie Hill and Badger, Fantail
Hall of Fame - Annie Hill
486 Graham Cox Hall of fame - Annie Hill
link Magazine Issue 68 June 2015 Page: 6
329 Graham Cox Hall of Fame - Pete Hill
link Magazine Issue 72 October 2016 Page: 4
774 Royal Cruising Club Annual Awards for Jock McLeod, Pete & Annie Hill, and the Hasler Family.
link Newsletter Issue 23 Summer 1991
818 Book Review : "Voyaging on a small Income" by Annie Hill
link Newsletter Issue 27 Summer 1993
822 A letter from Annie & Pete Hill and BADGER'S Log of cruise from UK to Falklands via East coast of South America.
link Newsletter Issue 28 Winter 1993
901 Pete & Annie Hill Pete & Annie Hill's new junk rigged catamaran CHINA MOON.
link Newsletter Issue 36 February 2000
922 Book Review: "Brazil and Beyond" by Annie Hill
link Newsletter Issue 38 July 2001
938 Sea Trial of CHINA MOON, Pete Hill's junk rigged 37' Catamaran.
link Newsletter Issue 40 March 2003
968 Rigging improvements on a 14' WHILLY boat.
link Newsletter Issue 43 August 2004
1004 Annie Hill Annie Hill's Winter Holiday in Greenland in their Wylo
link Newsletter Issue 46 January 2006
1035 Junk rigging a Hilliard 6 Tonner
link Newsletter Issue 49 August 2007
1036 Annie Hill's further adventures in crossing the Pacific.
link Newsletter Issue 49 August 2007
1211 Lynda Chidell Kokachin is launched
Description of this DeForestier designed junk, owners Pete Hill and Linda Crew-Gee and its recent launch
link Page: 51
1258 Graeme Kenyon Launch of FanShi
YouTube video of the launch of Annie Hill’s David Tyler Siblim design schooner and the junket that was held to mark the event in New Zealand
1280 Various participants Russell Tall Ships event 2023
A junket within a major boating festival, including mini-stories from various boats - Renate Christ/Taiko Gordon Gregg/Shoestring Roger Scott/Tystie David Webb/Gypsy Rose Annie Hill/Fanshi Alan Marti
link Page: 34
1284 Jan Wolstenholme The Boat Shed
continued regular feature on boat builds in train, including Alan Mulholland/Wave Rover, Siblim Siblings/Robert Hegarty and Frank Schapitz, Chris Phillips/Serchthrift, Frederik Roelf Elslo HFJY34; Rae
link Page: 54
1338 Raphael DeGennaro Chesapeake Junket
Junket Report including SV Terrapin, Turtle, Kokachin, Wave Rover & Lyons family; Pete Hill, Linday Crew Gee, Alan Mulholland, Warren Stringer, Steve Tomlin
link Page: 3
1341 Various Russell Tall Ships 2024 in Pictures
Junket Images from New Zealand provided by Peter deGraaf, Gordon Gregg, Renate Christ, Annie Hill
link Page: 24