1175 Scott Yellig Great Lakes Cruising report
Great Lakes Cruising report - a members spinnet
link Page: 25
1305 Monika Massey Glacier Gem - the start of a great adventure
The author and husband Nick start their circumnavigation adventure in self-built steel yacht. From the Great Lakes to Florida, Mexico, the Carribean, Central America
link Page: 52
297 Brian Tuffnell The Post Tall Ships Great Rum Raid
link Magazine Issue 74 June 2017 Page: 21
167 Shemaya Laurel Great Auk Floats
link Magazine Issue 83 June 2020 Page: 57
148 Shemaya Laurel Great Auk , The Mast
link Magazine Issue 84 October 2020 Page: 44
135 Shemaya Laurel Great Auk -
link Magazine Issue 85 February 2021 Page: 49
1136 Shemaya Laurel Great Auk's Steering System
link Magazine Issue 86 June 2021
1253 JRA Sailing Junk Rigs in New England - Shemaya Laurel
Interview with a sailor of three junk rigs including a Benford design Chebacco, Auklet, and a Dave and Anke Zeiger design triloboat Great Auk
1330 Shemaya Laurel New England Junket in Two Parts
Gathering of boats in two parts; Australis; Brenda B; Great Auk; Kokachin
link Page: 44