259 Pete Hill French Polynesia
link Magazine Issue 77 June 2018 Page: 44
690 I. Iliffe. Sailing a KINGFISHER 20+ LORCHINKA through the French Canals
link Newsletter Issue 13 May 1986
992 Eric De Bisschop - a French sailing hero, building and sailing KAIMILOA 38' and
link Newsletter Issue 45 August 2005
1185 Bruno Gouget Cruising news from Lakatao
Lakatao sails from South Africa to Saint Helena, Fernando de Noronha, French Guyana, West Indies
link Page: 29
1273 JRA The Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan Junket
Notice of a junket to take place in context of a major French sailing festival in Brittany
link Page: 3