510 Peter Manning The JRA East Coast Rally 2011
link Magazine Issue 57 September 2011 Page: 32
406 Tom Wallace East Coast Rally
link Magazine Issue 63 October 2013 Page: 37
484 Tom Wallace UK Rallies - East Coast 2014
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492 Annie Hill & David Webb NZ Easter Junket 2015
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384 Robin Blain East Coast Rally
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340 Geoff Turton East Coast Rally report
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279 Pete Hill Further East
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150 Graeme Kenyon Book Review, East Sails West
link Magazine Issue 84 October 2020 Page: 50
780 Crossing the Atlantic (West to East) in a SUNBIRD 32 junk schooner.
link Newsletter Issue 24 Winter 1991
822 A letter from Annie & Pete Hill and BADGER'S Log of cruise from UK to Falklands via East coast of South America.
link Newsletter Issue 28 Winter 1993
845 Bernard Holland Bernard Holland and his SPRAY 38 cruise in the Far East.
link Newsletter Issue 30 Summer 1995
989 Fitting a junk rig for free in Sweden. Summer and East Coast Rally reports and pictures.
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1010 2006 East Coast Rally Report and pictures
link Newsletter Issue 47 August 2006
1032 Holy Loch Rally, Summer Rally and East Coast Rally Reports & pictures.
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1060 East Coast Rally report
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1088 East Coast Rally report
link Newsletter Issue 53 August 2009
1118 Kevin Cardiff East Coast of Ireland Cruises
link Magazine Issue 87 October 2021 Page: 33
1181 Kevin Cardiff Sailing can be a Love/Hate Relationship
A members snippet, musing on the ups and downs of sailing and a passage on the Irish East coast
link Page: 27
1244 JRA Introduction to the Junk Rig, Part 1
Youtube video - introduces the development of the Junk rig sailing system, imported from East Asia for use on pleasure boats around the world. It is part one of a three part series, and features vide
1259 JRA Junks that sailed the Pacific - interview with Hans Van Tilburg
YouTube video interview with author who profiled 10 junks that sailed from the Far East to the USA
1264 JRA Junk rigged Kingfisher 26 on East Coast of Ireland
Sailing YouTube video of a Kingfisher 26, experimenting with use of a 360 camera
1275 Graeme Kenyon The Ill Fated Voyage of the Princess Taiping
Story of a double pacific crossing by a modern replica of a traditional southeast China junk and shipwreck
link Page: 17
1337 Indigenous Boats Blogspot Boats of China and Southeast Asia
Bibliography page and download links with books on Chinese and Vietnamese junks and other craft