543 Editor Nearly launched - Malliemac
link Magazine Issue 60 October 2012 Page: 20
755 The Marco Polo Voyage undefined Dr. Wayne Moran takes us through the early planning stages and describes the results of the Test-tank and Wind tunnel tests.
link Newsletter Issue 20 December 1989
22 JRA Sailplans - early days of the westernised junk rig
A glossary of older westernised JR sailplans with diagrams
1149 Kevin Cardiff A Nearly Forgotten History - the California junk
Chinese migrants to California and the junks they used and built
link Page: 9
1178 Arne Kverneland Talk About Being Rusty (or all’s well that ends well)
Early season ceiling in Norwegian fjords
link Page: 26
1229 Derek Pilgrim Before GPS, part 2, The Measurers
Early compasses, logs, sounding lines, and equipment for measuring celestial elevation
link Page: 21
1265 Newbridge Boats newbridge coromandel junk rig version brochure
an original or early brochure for the coromandel junk rigged version