256 Arne Kverneland Designing a cone shaped mast coat
link Magazine Issue 77 June 2018 Page: 33
131 David Omick Designing Minimus II -
link Magazine Issue 85 February 2021 Page: 22
770 Vincent Reddish Researching, Designing and Installing a traditionally based junk rig in a VERTUE 26 (illustrated)
link Newsletter Issue 22 December 1990
808 "The Chinese Sailing Rig", designing and building your own by Derek Van Loan
link Newsletter Issue 26 Winter 1992
877 Tom Colvins' Letters, from a man of many years experience designing & building junk rigged boats.
link Newsletter Issue 34 April 1999
903 Designing and building a 30' Epoxy-Ply bilge keel modern cruiser
link Newsletter Issue 36 February 2000
961 Designing and building a junk rig for a SYLPHE 6.54m.
link Newsletter Issue 42 January 2004
1194 Roy Denton Spending a Penny - (Needn’t Cost an Arm and a Leg)
Designing and building a composting toilet
link Page: 43