763 David & Lynda Chidell Specification and description of TIN HAU, a 17 ton COLVIN steel schooner, built by David & Lynda Chidell.
link Newsletter Issue 21 Summer 1990
765 Specification and description of a schooner junk rigged CLAYMORE 30' GRP Motor Sailer (illustrated).
link Newsletter Issue 22 December 1990
51 Arne Kverneland 20130811 Fr?ken S?rensen, Sailplan with description
Sailplans - a Greif 650 Jollenkreuzer
1211 Lynda Chidell Kokachin is launched
Description of this DeForestier designed junk, owners Pete Hill and Linda Crew-Gee and its recent launch
link Page: 51
1266 Paul McKay AeroJunk Folio
A detailed description of the AeroJunk rig and its implementation, including information on sail making and batten making
1268 US Navy Junk Blue Book
US Navy catalogue and description of Vietnamese junk vessels, 1960s
1301 Kevin Cardiff Morbihan, What a Junket
Description of the Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan festival and the junket that took place there
link Page: 38
1317 JRA Junk Rig boats in West of France
YouTube video - Descriptions and images of junk rigged boats in the western regions of France, including images of Lakatao, Grand Pha, Ming Ming, Circé, Yellow Rock, Pa Yeng, Tourne Lune, Paradox, Chi