413 Editor Boleh - open day
link Magazine Issue 63 October 2013 Page: 56
478 Jonathan Snodgrass A Busy Day!
link Magazine Issue 67 February 2015 Page: 42
306 David Thatcher Footprints Summer Holiday
link Magazine Issue 74 June 2017 Page: 46
843 Peter Ludewig & his COLVIN 38 departs on a Friday! and their cruising excitements.
link Newsletter Issue 30 Summer 1995
1004 Annie Hill Annie Hill's Winter Holiday in Greenland in their Wylo
link Newsletter Issue 46 January 2006
1043 Gez & Sue Richards A holiday cruise in a Varne 27 fitted out with junk rig
link Newsletter Issue 50 January 2008
22 JRA Sailplans - early days of the westernised junk rig
A glossary of older westernised JR sailplans with diagrams
1130 Jeff Middleton My Day on Amiina
sailing report of a split junk rig sloop
link Magazine Issue 86 June 2021 Page: 5
1184 Kevin Cardiff Start of the Season
members snippet – daysailing near Dublin, Ireland
link Page: 28
1234 Kevin Cardiff Tense Sail Home Yesterday
Eventful sailing in Dublin Bay
link Page: 38
1324 Mauro Pau First Time Solo and a Family Sailing Holiday
Kingfisher 20+ in the Adriatic. Sailing preparation, characteristics, experience, family
link Page: 16
1338 Raphael DeGennaro Chesapeake Junket
Junket Report including SV Terrapin, Turtle, Kokachin, Wave Rover & Lyons family; Pete Hill, Linday Crew Gee, Alan Mulholland, Warren Stringer, Steve Tomlin
link Page: 3
1347 Derek Pilgrim Seven Bad Days on the British Coast
Historical discussion of bad storms and other coastal events
link Page: 44