356 Graham Cox Hall of Fame page - David Tyler
link Magazine Issue 70 February 2016 Page: 5
177 Graham Cox A Conversation with David Webb
link Magazine Issue 82 February 2020 Page: 33
763 David & Lynda Chidell Specification and description of TIN HAU, a 17 ton COLVIN steel schooner, built by David & Lynda Chidell.
link Newsletter Issue 21 Summer 1990
885 Book Review - "Cutting the Dragons Tail" by David & Lynda Chidell. Building a COLVIN 50' steel 3 masted junk and sailing away
link Newsletter Issue 35 October 1999
918 David Tyler David Tyler's 34' Epoxy-Ply special single junk sail cruiser TYSTIE, pictures & plans.
link Newsletter Issue 38 July 2001
1008 David Tyler Passage report from David Tyler on TYSTIE.
link Newsletter Issue 47 August 2006
1030 David Tyler's thoughts on alternative designs on a Wing rig
link Newsletter Issue 49 August 2007
1103 Graham Cox Conversation with David & Lynda Chidell (Tin Hau)
link Magazine Issue 88 March 2022 Page: 12
1258 Graeme Kenyon Launch of FanShi
YouTube video of the launch of Annie Hill’s David Tyler Siblim design schooner and the junket that was held to mark the event in New Zealand
1280 Various participants Russell Tall Ships event 2023
A junket within a major boating festival, including mini-stories from various boats - Renate Christ/Taiko Gordon Gregg/Shoestring Roger Scott/Tystie David Webb/Gypsy Rose Annie Hill/Fanshi Alan Marti
link Page: 34