107 JRA Cruising Articles Submitted by Members
1175 Scott Yellig Great Lakes Cruising report
Great Lakes Cruising report - a members spinnet
link Page: 25
566 Kurt Jon Ulmer Electric Junk Cruising
link Magazine Issue 61 February 2013 Page: 52
197 Brian Donovan Design Philosophy for Cruising
link Magazine Issue 81 October 2019 Page: 63
681 Aubrey Hinchcliffe Cruising the Med. in a junk rigged CHALLENGER 35
link Newsletter Issue 12 December 1985
697 Lynda & David Chidell Cruising in TU HAN, COLVIN 48'
link Newsletter Issue 14 November 1986
702 UPIK CHALLENGER 35 cruising the Med.
link Newsletter Issue 15 May 1987
712 Further cruising of the Med. in UPIK. "The Voyage of the Golden Lotus", final extract
link Newsletter Issue 16 November 1987
716 SKY GYPSY 32' continues cruising in the Med.
link Newsletter Issue 16 November 1987
717 Ralph Hill A Cruising Rig, Square, Dhow, fore & aft, and Junk Rigs discussed and details of his Junkette rig on a KINGFISHER 26
link Newsletter Issue 16 November 1987
721 FU T' IEN cruising around New Zealand
link Newsletter Issue 17 May 1988
734 Pete & Annie Hill Shoal water cruising in BADGER
link Newsletter Issue 18 November 1988
771 Pete & Annie Hill Cruising the Brittany Canals in a 20' junk rigged WESTCOASTER (illustrated)
link Newsletter Issue 22 December 1990
774 Royal Cruising Club Annual Awards for Jock McLeod, Pete & Annie Hill, and the Hasler Family.
link Newsletter Issue 23 Summer 1991
783 Cruising in a junk rigged LIBERTY 23 trailer sailer.
link Newsletter Issue 24 Winter 1991
791 Annie & Pete Hill Cruising in a BENFORD DORY 34 to Greenland and their relevant comments on the sailing scene.
link Newsletter Issue 25 Summer 1992
843 Peter Ludewig & his COLVIN 38 departs on a Friday! and their cruising excitements.
link Newsletter Issue 30 Summer 1995
849 Jo Cousins Cruising in the Caribbean
link Newsletter Issue 31 April 1996
907 Cruising reports from Europe and New Zealand.
link Newsletter Issue 37 November 2000
925 Cruising to the Mcd. from UK in ATLANTA 28.
link Newsletter Issue 39 March 2002
927 SEEKER, Harry Birch's steel TRADEWIND 25, the building and cruising to the Canaries.
link Newsletter Issue 39 March 2002
948 Cruising the Caribbean in JOSS - A GAZELLE 42.
link Newsletter Issue 41 August 2003
1034 cruising.
link Newsletter Issue 49 August 2007
24 David Tyler Tystie, Bora Boar to Tonga
Cruising on Tystie
29 Paul Fay Making a cambered panel Junk Sail Work
Notes on how to make cambered panels work for long distance cruising boats
59 Arne Kverneland 20140111 Avoiding capsizing an offshore cruiser.
How-To notes: using the Capsize Ratio, made by the Cruising Club of America..
108 David Tyler Tystie, Tonga to New Zealand
109 Annie Hill (Alan Martienssen) Brief Notes from Zebedee in Madagascar
110 Bob Groves The Loss of EasyGo
111 Jonathan Snodgrass Lexia in the AZAB 2011
112 Cap'n Harry Freeman Saga Of A Nauti Sailor Chapter 1
123 Bob Groves "The Loss of ""EasyGo"""
Forum Post: Article published in the Nov 2015 of Cruising World. Made available by Indigo Magazines, download here.
1112 Jim den Hartog Gaia Crossing the Equator
cruising report
link Magazine Issue 88 March 2022 Page: 46
1120 Bruno Gouget Lakatao
cruising report
link Magazine Issue 87 October 2021 Page: 37
1123 Jim den Hartog Gaia's European / African Interlude
cruising report
link Magazine Issue 87 October 2021 Page: 43
1125 Asmat Downey Bronwen's Arctic Adventure
cruising report
link Magazine Issue 87 October 2021 Page: 51
1135 Jim den Hartog Gaia's Maiden Ocean Crossing
cruising report
link Magazine Issue 86 June 2021 Page: 36
1139 Shirley Carter Blue Lane to Fiji
cruising report
link Magazine Issue 86 June 2021 Page: 57
1108 Bruno Gouget Cruising Mayottee to Richards Bay
link Magazine Issue 88 March 2022 Page: 39
1141 Annie Hill Pottering in the Bay of Islands
Cruising and living onboard in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands
link Page: 3
1159 Margaret drummer Drummer
Living and cruising on the sailing yacht drummer, a Tom Colvin Doxy 38
link Page: 16
1164 Gez and Sue Richards Footloose Falcon – our flying carpet
Cruising the 32 foot Sunbird named Footloose in Northern Europe
link Page: 18
1185 Bruno Gouget Cruising news from Lakatao
Lakatao sails from South Africa to Saint Helena, Fernando de Noronha, French Guyana, West Indies
link Page: 29
1191 Shirley Carter Speedwell Arrives in Fiji
Pacific cruising from 3G to Lombok past Vanuatu and other exotic places
link Page: 37
1274 Shirley Carter Lombok to Sarawak
Cruising story, Lombok, Sarawak, Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia
link Page: 5
1343 Jim den Hartog and Helen den Dekker Onward to Galapagos
Cruising Report and essay on interesting islands of Galapagos
link Page: 27
1348 Gez and Sue Richards Footloose Falcon to Finland
Cruising Sweden and Finland
link Page: 52