1278 Gordon Gregg A Southern Thanksgiving Cruise
A cruise in New Zealand, including the boats and people encountered. Pardey, Haig, Shoestring, Ms Murphy, Footprints, and more
link Page: 27
400 Meps Schulte Flutterby's Shakedown Cruise
link Magazine Issue 63 October 2013 Page: 20
427 Robin Froberg Vanharouva's Baltic Cruise
link Magazine Issue 64 February 2014 Page: 44
315 Eddie Smith Gozo Cruise and Crews
link Magazine Issue 73 February 2017 Page: 23
192 David Tyler Weaverbird's Irish Cruise
link Magazine Issue 81 October 2019 Page: 51
684 TAVOY IV 43'junk world cruiser.
link Newsletter Issue 12 December 1985
696 Annie Hill BADGER'S Cruise from the Virgin Islands to the UK
link Newsletter Issue 14 November 1986
715 Wendy & Michael Willet Results of a years cruise aboard FU-T' IEN
link Newsletter Issue 16 November 1987
737 Annie & Pete Hill WESTCOASTER 20 MISSEE LEE converts to junk and cruises the West Country and crosses the Channel
link Newsletter Issue 19 May 1989
804 UPIK, a CHALLENGER 35 junk schooner cruise from the Canary Islands to Cape Town, including the loss of the foremast.
link Newsletter Issue 26 Winter 1992
817 Shake down cruise in a 28' junk rigged SEA ROVER.
link Newsletter Issue 27 Summer 1993
822 A letter from Annie & Pete Hill and BADGER'S Log of cruise from UK to Falklands via East coast of South America.
link Newsletter Issue 28 Winter 1993
845 Bernard Holland Bernard Holland and his SPRAY 38 cruise in the Far East.
link Newsletter Issue 30 Summer 1995
873 Alistair Berry First Cruise in COROMANDEL HO-CHOI
link Newsletter Issue 33 April 1997
876 Hans Schaeuble's cruise in the Baltic 1996 and the Mediterranean 1997 in his LIBERTY 23.
link Newsletter Issue 34 April 1999
903 Designing and building a 30' Epoxy-Ply bilge keel modern cruiser
link Newsletter Issue 36 February 2000
918 David Tyler David Tyler's 34' Epoxy-Ply special single junk sail cruiser TYSTIE, pictures & plans.
link Newsletter Issue 38 July 2001
926 BATWING'S World cruise.
link Newsletter Issue 39 March 2002
942 BADGER'S African refit, cruise via Brazil to Granada.
link Newsletter Issue 41 August 2003
958 Hue Mar Atlanta 28 - Faro to Nazaire Cruise in the Meditcrranean.
link Newsletter Issue 42 January 2004
967 36' CHINA BLUE'S West Coast and Irish/Scottish Cruise.
link Newsletter Issue 43 August 2004
996 TYSTIE'S New Swing-Wing rig and shake down cruise.
link Newsletter Issue 46 January 2006
1002 Transatlantic cruise with an AeroRig, and explanations of its sailing ability.
link Newsletter Issue 46 January 2006
1043 Gez & Sue Richards A holiday cruise in a Varne 27 fitted out with junk rig
link Newsletter Issue 50 January 2008
1048 Sunbird 32 GUNG HO with junk schooner rig gives her new owners a first summer cruise
link Newsletter Issue 50 January 2008
59 Arne Kverneland 20140111 Avoiding capsizing an offshore cruiser.
How-To notes: using the Capsize Ratio, made by the Cruising Club of America..
1118 Kevin Cardiff East Coast of Ireland Cruises
link Magazine Issue 87 October 2021 Page: 33
1270 JRA Junk Rigged Boat in the River Liffey
YouTube video - A Junk rigged boat participates in the annual Three Bridges cruise in the river Liffey, Dublin, Ireland
1285 Valentin Hecq-Cauquil Gung Ho
Cruise around the Iberian Coastline in a Junk Rigged Schooner
link Page: 58
1329 Monika Massey Glacier Gem
Continued cruise of self-built steel yacht; Florida; Okeechobee; Bahamas
link Page: 39
1331 Jim den Hartog with Helen den Dekker Panama to Galapagos
Gaia cruise continues; Panama; Pearl Islands, Puerto Armuelles etc; Costa Rica
link Page: 47
1333 Gez and Sue Richards Footloose in the Baltic
2009 Cruise of Footloose from Woodbridge in England across North Sea to Baltic
link Page: 58