1265 Newbridge Boats newbridge coromandel junk rig version brochure
an original or early brochure for the coromandel junk rigged version
1316 JRA Newbridge Coromandel Siskin Sailing
YouTube video of a Coromandel in the Netherlands sailing in blustery conditions
714 Light weight Genoa on a H.P. COROMANDEL.
link Newsletter Issue 16 November 1987
731 Wilf Turnbull Method of raising & lowering a hinged mast on QUEST a COROMANDEL, fully illustrated
link Newsletter Issue 18 November 1988
738 Wendy & Michael Willet More of COROMANDEL QUEST from Wilf Turnbull. FU T'IEN gets some keel mods
link Newsletter Issue 19 May 1989
762 Wilf Turnbull Modifications to the sheeting of a COROMANDEL peaked junk rig
link Newsletter Issue 21 Summer 1990
873 Alistair Berry First Cruise in COROMANDEL HO-CHOI
link Newsletter Issue 33 April 1997