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A Thesis to establish the merits of features peculiar to the Chinese fully battened lug or junk sail using wind tunnels and measurement equipment
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A thesis on the archaeology of a junk in California, with detail of traditional Chinese ship building techniques and historical context for the junk.
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English Mechanic and World of Science discussion of the characteristics of a Chinese lugsail
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788 Model Chinese junk fishing boats from Hong Kong and some kits from UK model shops.
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Chinese language and Junk Rig boats
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Chinese language and Junk Rig boats
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Chinese migrants to California and the junks they used and built
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Youtube video - discusses the characteristics of the Junk Rig, its sheeting, mast, reefing, rigging etc Sailing; rigging: wing sails; cambered sails; yards; battens; Chinese lugsail
1337 Indigenous Boats Blogspot Boats of China and Southeast Asia
Bibliography page and download links with books on Chinese and Vietnamese junks and other craft
1339 David Chidell The Chinese Solution - the Anchor Cat
Using Cats at the bow to improve anchoring
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