2 JRA What classes of production boat have been successfully fitted with junk rigs?
Types and designs of junk rig boats
7 Arne Kverneland The Boat - ch2 of The Cambered Panel Junk Rig
Finding suitable boats for JR
1217 Jan Wolstenholme The Boat Shed
Junk rig boat building and recent launchings
link Page: 56
1251 Graham Cox Jester, Blondie Hasler and Mike Richie - a junk rig boat and its sailors
The history of jester a junk rigged folkboat , its sailors and transatlantic journeys
1269 JRA Junk Rigged Boats of SouthWest England
YouTube video featuring various boats including Fly, Mo, KRKA, Lexia,
1270 JRA Junk Rigged Boat in the River Liffey
YouTube video - A Junk rigged boat participates in the annual Three Bridges cruise in the river Liffey, Dublin, Ireland
1281 Various JRA members and friends Russell Tall Ships - Photos from the Boats
Photos from the junket taking place in conjunction with a major New Zealand boating festival
link Page: 41
1284 Jan Wolstenholme The Boat Shed
continued regular feature on boat builds in train, including Alan Mulholland/Wave Rover, Siblim Siblings/Robert Hegarty and Frank Schapitz, Chris Phillips/Serchthrift, Frederik Roelf Elslo HFJY34; Rae
link Page: 54
1287 JRA, @sailingpivo, Peter de Graaf New Zealand Junk Rig boats
YouTube video: Junk Rig boats at Russell Tall Ships race including Arcadian, Zebedee, Shoestring, Hihi, FanShi
1314 JRA Junk Rigged Boats in Ireland
YouTube video with footage of five boats sailing in Ireland. Nunki (Venturer), Galway Girl (Corribee), Palinurus (Westerly), Baidin Bui (Kingfisher), Yvonne (Kingfisher)
1315 JRA Junk Rigged Boat in the River Liffey
YouTube video - A lone Junk Rigged boat sails in company with some old gaffers and many other boats in Dublin City
1317 JRA Junk Rig boats in West of France
YouTube video - Descriptions and images of junk rigged boats in the western regions of France, including images of Lakatao, Grand Pha, Ming Ming, Circé, Yellow Rock, Pa Yeng, Tourne Lune, Paradox, Chi
1332 Jan Wolstenholme The Boatshed
JR boats under construction; Tapatya; Wave Rover; Balkan Shipyards; Serchthrift Sibling
link Page: 54
527 Peter Scandling Slow boat Home
link Magazine Issue 59 April 2012 Page: 19
548 Editor Members' Boats
link Magazine Issue 60 October 2012 Page: 33
419 Jonathan Snodgrass Three 'Men' in a Boat
link Magazine Issue 64 February 2014 Page: 6
459 Peter Scandling A Slow Boat Home - part 2
link Magazine Issue 66 October 2014 Page: 38
475 Peter Scandling Slow Boat Home Part 3
link Magazine Issue 67 February 2015 Page: 33
382 Ken Russ-Powell Boat that Shouldn't Sail
link Magazine Issue 69 October 2015 Page: 32
242 JRA Forum Drawers on a boat
link Magazine Issue 78 October 2018 Page: 48
176 Peter Johnson Moving and Turning a Heavy Boat
link Magazine Issue 82 February 2020 Page: 27
142 Graeme Kenyon Chinese Boat Names
link Magazine Issue 84 October 2020 Page: 12
134 Derek Pilgrim What Happens to Old Boats? -
link Magazine Issue 85 February 2021 Page: 43
136 Dixon Kemp A 19th Century View of Chinese Lugsails / "A manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing"
link Magazine Issue 85 February 2021 Page: 55
673 List of 46 boats with Sunbird Junk Rigs
link Newsletter Issue 10 December 1984
678 Self steering gear on Junk rigged boats.
link Newsletter Issue 11 May 1985
685 WATER BEAR 31' junk rigged 'ultra light displacement boat' designed and built in Cornwall.
link Newsletter Issue 12 December 1985
695 Junk and Bermudan rigs on Newbridge Boats, a comparative report.
link Newsletter Issue 14 November 1986
744 Book Review "All in the Same Boat" a 29' steel junk rigged boat called LORCHA circumnavigating
link Newsletter Issue 19 May 1989
788 Model Chinese junk fishing boats from Hong Kong and some kits from UK model shops.
link Newsletter Issue 24 Winter 1991
797 The Metal Boat Society - details.
link Newsletter Issue 25 Summer 1992
799 Sunbird Marine's Brokerage List of Junk rig Boats.
link Newsletter Issue 25 Summer 1992
807 Book Reviews: "Still in the Same Boat", Paul Howard
link Newsletter Issue 26 Winter 1992
826 Gavin Dalglish The "Dream Boat" problem
link Newsletter Issue 28 Winter 1993
829 Dream Boats from the Editor.
link Newsletter Issue 29 Summer 1994
838 Development of instruments to measure junk rigged boat's performance.
link Newsletter Issue 30 Summer 1995
877 Tom Colvins' Letters, from a man of many years experience designing & building junk rigged boats.
link Newsletter Issue 34 April 1999
906 New Junk rig boat design from the Netherlands.
link Newsletter Issue 37 November 2000
940 Experiences of the J.R.A. Charter Boats.
link Newsletter Issue 40 March 2003
943 Steel boat building in India - the GAZELLE 42.
link Newsletter Issue 41 August 2003
968 Rigging improvements on a 14' WHILLY boat.
link Newsletter Issue 43 August 2004
979 R & D report on the Norwegian Rally boats.
link Newsletter Issue 44 January 2005
1054 Round the Island Race in junk rigged boat.
link Newsletter Issue 51 August 2008
1076 Boat Covers and welded Eyelets
link Newsletter Issue 53 August 2009
638 A Boat of Waste paper.
link Newsletter Issue 6 December 1982
651 SHUFFLE, 7m steel Junk sloop from Huntward Boat Co., Isle of Wight.
link Newsletter Issue 7 June 1983
663 "Chinese Traders", an extract from the "The Evolution of Modern Sailboat Design"
link Newsletter Issue 9 May 1984
667 "The Amoy fisher and the Fishing Boat of the Chusans", extracts from "The Floating Population of China" by G.R.G. Worcester
link Newsletter Issue 9 May 1984
16 Bob Groves Blown Ashore by Hurricane Earl
Shipwreck of a JR boat
26 David Harding The split junk rig: a junk with jiblets
Article from Practical Boat Owner about Slieve McGalliard's experiment with split junk Rig on his boat Poppy
29 Paul Fay Making a cambered panel Junk Sail Work
Notes on how to make cambered panels work for long distance cruising boats
39 Arne Kverneland "The Cambered Panel Junk Rig (""The book"") - Chapter 1 - Preface"
"The Cambered Panel Junk Rig (""The book""), a DIY guide to rigging a boat with cambered panel sails."
40 Arne Kverneland "The Cambered Panel Junk Rig (""The book"") - Chapter 2 - The Boat"
88 JRA JRA-Fitting the unstayed mast rig to your boat
Junk Knowledge Archive
90 JRA JRA-Fact Sheet 1
Designers and Builders of Rigs and Boats
94 JRA JRA-Fact Sheet 5 - OLD
Boat Designs using Junk Rig:
102 JRA Fetured Boats
125 Roger Taylor The making of Mingming II - part 2
1115 Graeme Kenyon Crossing the Language Barrier
Chinese language and Junk Rig boats
link Magazine Issue 87 October 2021 Page: 3
1116 Graham Cox Conversation with Paul Thompson
about boats and sail making
link Magazine Issue 87 October 2021 Page: 8
1131 Graeme Kenyon Crossing the Language Barrier
Chinese language and Junk Rig boats
link Magazine Issue 86 June 2021 Page: 7
1132 Graham Cox A Conversation with Tony Brown
a life with Junk Rig Boats Miss Molly and Tapatya
link Magazine Issue 86 June 2021 Page: 12
1214 Roy Denton Condensation inside a boat and how to beat it
Methods for dealing with condensation using fans
link Page: 53
1239 Various members The Boatshed
Building continues on a Siblim, a HFJY34, Serchthrift (a Wylo II), Tapatya (a Benford Dory)
link Page: 50
1244 JRA Introduction to the Junk Rig, Part 1
Youtube video - introduces the development of the Junk rig sailing system, imported from East Asia for use on pleasure boats around the world. It is part one of a three part series, and features vide
1248 JRA Introduction to the Junk Rig Part 3 - Know the Ropes
YouTube video explaining the ropes making up the rigging on a junk rig boat
1249 JRA Introduction to the Junk Rig Part 4 - Sailing a Junk Rig Boat
YouTube video explaining how a junk rig sails, describing windward sailing, reaching, running, tacking and gybing
1253 JRA Sailing Junk Rigs in New England - Shemaya Laurel
Interview with a sailor of three junk rigs including a Benford design Chebacco, Auklet, and a Dave and Anke Zeiger design triloboat Great Auk
1254 JRA Buying a Junk Rig Boat and Sailing it to France - Interview with Patrick Leblanc
YouTube video interview about the journey of 36’ schooner China Blue from Scotland to France
1257 Graeme Kenyon Freebie sails home
A small junk rig boat sailing in New Zealand with two Thompson made sails, on the way home from a junket
1261 Jonathan DeLaleu @jondelaleu Junk Rigs Come to Roscoff
Four Junk Rig boats and various sailors came to Roscoff for the JRA AGM and to sail together in a junket - YouTube video account
1262 JRA More from the Roscoff Junket
A second YouTube video of the four boats that sailed in the 2022 Roscoff junket
1271 Story of a Traditional Sabani, courtesy Story of a Sabani
For many, many years Okinawan fishermen plied their trade using traditional wooden boats - Sabani. This is the story of building and launching one of these
1278 Gordon Gregg A Southern Thanksgiving Cruise
A cruise in New Zealand, including the boats and people encountered. Pardey, Haig, Shoestring, Ms Murphy, Footprints, and more
link Page: 27
1280 Various participants Russell Tall Ships event 2023
A junket within a major boating festival, including mini-stories from various boats - Renate Christ/Taiko Gordon Gregg/Shoestring Roger Scott/Tystie David Webb/Gypsy Rose Annie Hill/Fanshi Alan Marti
link Page: 34
1321 Shirley Carter Speedwell in the Philippines
Continued voyages in the pacific by a small junk rig boat. Malanao; Puerto Princesa; Honda Bay; Typhoon Betty
link Page: 9
1330 Shemaya Laurel New England Junket in Two Parts
Gathering of boats in two parts; Australis; Brenda B; Great Auk; Kokachin
link Page: 44
1337 Indigenous Boats Blogspot Boats of China and Southeast Asia
Bibliography page and download links with books on Chinese and Vietnamese junks and other craft
1350 Graeme Kenyon Golden Lotus
Rediscovery of this famous boat, now in poor condition on land
link Page: 59