541 Daniel Johnson Hestur - A new Benford Dory
link Magazine Issue 60 October 2012 Page: 16
791 Annie & Pete Hill Cruising in a BENFORD DORY 34 to Greenland and their relevant comments on the sailing scene.
link Newsletter Issue 25 Summer 1992
623 Annie Hill Junk rigging BADGER, a BENFORD 34
link Newsletter Issue 3 April 1981
941 Building and sailing a BENFORD DORY 34 - Engineless.
link Newsletter Issue 41 August 2003
955 Yuloh propulsion on a 34' BENFORD DORY.
link Newsletter Issue 42 January 2004
1038 Cambered panel sails for Benford Dory 34 BADGER
link Newsletter Issue 50 January 2008
1239 Various members The Boatshed
Building continues on a Siblim, a HFJY34, Serchthrift (a Wylo II), Tapatya (a Benford Dory)
link Page: 50
1250 JRA Building Tapatya - Interview with Tony Brown
YouTube interview with the self builder of a 34’ junk rig benford dory - the challenges of building
1253 JRA Sailing Junk Rigs in New England - Shemaya Laurel
Interview with a sailor of three junk rigs including a Benford design Chebacco, Auklet, and a Dave and Anke Zeiger design triloboat Great Auk
1279 Gordon Gregg Iris
A 35' Benford designed yacht, junk rigged schooner in UK, France and the Med, ends up in Greece
link Page: 31