723 Karl Holtman discusses the development of fully battened sails.
link Newsletter Issue 17 May 1988
858 Barbara & Ray Evans The Chinese Battened Lugsail
link Newsletter Issue 32 October 1996
640 Fully battened Lugsails, an extract from the book "Spritsails and Lugsails"
link Newsletter Issue 6 December 1982
23 Joddy Chapman Sail Shape and Sailing Performance Measurement - the Chinese Lug Sail - PHD Thesis
A Thesis to establish the merits of features peculiar to the Chinese fully battened lug or junk sail using wind tunnels and measurement equipment
30 JRA Why Consider the Junk Rig and Similar Fully Battened Lug Sails
Introductory note on the pros and cons of Junk Rigs