535 David Harding The Split Junk - PBO article reprint
link Magazine Issue 59 April 2012 Page: 38
803 Gp. Capt. Bunny Smith replies to Alan Boswell's article in N/L 25 and expands on his previous articles, comments on present production rigs and points to the future. A very relevant article on the jun
link Newsletter Issue 26 Winter 1992
919 Article on TYSTIE from P.B.O. magazine.
link Newsletter Issue 38 July 2001
920 Article on converting a MACGREGOR 26 trailer sailer to junk and sailing report.
link Newsletter Issue 38 July 2001
655 "The Venerable Chinese Junk", an article describing various uses of junks and their various designs relative to their function as trading ships
link Newsletter Issue 8 December 1983
26 David Harding The split junk rig: a junk with jiblets
Article from Practical Boat Owner about Slieve McGalliard's experiment with split junk Rig on his boat Poppy
68 Arne Kverneland Arne Kverneland Letters
Other Technical Articles and Letters by Arne Kverneland
70 Slieve McGalliard Slieve McGalliard, split rig article in PBO Nov 11
Split rig
81 Slieve McGalliard Copy of article from AYRS Catalyst no. 37
Thoughts on Cambered Panels and the Split Junk Rig
96 JRA JRA-Fact Sheet 7
Newsletter Articles Index (updated 21 October 2009):
105 JRA North Atlantic 29 - Sail Mag 1971 - article
107 JRA Cruising Articles Submitted by Members
123 Bob Groves "The Loss of ""EasyGo"""
Forum Post: Article published in the Nov 2015 of Cruising World. Made available by Indigo Magazines, download here.
1294 Johnny Shorten Another Unsung Hero
Article about Bill King and efforts to commemorate him from Commodore of the Galway Bay Sailing Club
link Page: 17
1296 Graham Cox Commander William Donald Aelian "Bill" King
Reprint of a 2013 article on the life of this sailor
link Page: 19
1298 Corsair to the Rescue
Two articles from sailing magazines regarding the rescue of Bill King by the yacht Corsair etc
link Page: 24
1300 The Quanzhou Ship
Article about an archaeologically rediscovered Song Dynasty ship
link Page: 37
1345 Monika Massey Glacier Gem in Cartagena
Continuing voyages of this vessel, for this article in Colombia
link Page: 39