1305 Monika Massey Glacier Gem - the start of a great adventure
The author and husband Nick start their circumnavigation adventure in self-built steel yacht. From the Great Lakes to Florida, Mexico, the Carribean, Central America
link Page: 52
833 Jo Cousins and his VENTURE 45 crossing the Atlantic and adventures in the Caribbean.
link Newsletter Issue 29 Summer 1994
929 The Hong Kong Adventure Ship, a 3-masted Sail Training Junk.
link Newsletter Issue 39 March 2002
1036 Annie Hill's further adventures in crossing the Pacific.
link Newsletter Issue 49 August 2007
1058 Adventures of the EL LOBO Hobo's
link Newsletter Issue 51 August 2008
1079 More adventures of the EL LOBO Hobos in the Caribbean
link Newsletter Issue 53 August 2009
1125 Asmat Downey Bronwen's Arctic Adventure
cruising report
link Magazine Issue 87 October 2021 Page: 51